We are an authorized Dealer of FoxFury Lighting Equipment. FoxFury makes high quality lights for firefighter use such as head lamps and safety lights.

Firefighter – FoxFury Lighting

FoxFury Lighting Solutions wants you to possess a Vibrant Evening. Our vow would be to “create unique and leading edge lighting items that reflect the requirements of our clients.” We all know our clients demand quality and trustworthiness. We stock many lights from lights and helmet lights to defend lights and utility lights. We provide hands-free headlamps and hands-held solutions together with portable area lights and spotlights. Our lighting is tough, waterproof, impact-resistant and perhaps even fire resistant and inherently safe/explosion proof. ALL FoxFury lighting is provided with whitened LEDs, and several cover the sunshine spectrum from Ultra violet to IR. FoxFury lights incorporate our unique Added-View Technology, including utilisation of the absolute latest Brought technology (from well-known producers like CREE and OSRAM), breathtaking lighting and have extreme sturdiness.

High Quality FoxFury Lighting

Our clients use FoxFury lights in Fire, Save, EMS, Hazardous Area, Industrial Safety, Police Force, Military, Forensic, Disaster Relief, Film, Photography and Leisure Programs. Get a FoxFury light today and find out why are we shine!

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